Purchase information

Book order available period: End of March - End of October (Subject to change depending on stock availability)
For school orders, please order from the appropriate supplier.
Book order application process
  • ① (Orderer) Click Book order menu on the website
    → Click Order and request the required number of copies
  •  (Person in charge) Check the stock, adjust the number of copies, and approve the book order
  •  (Orderer) Confirm the number of copies and the prices, and proceed with the payment in the Book order payment menu
    → Payment with credit card, account transfer, and virtual account (Deposit without bankbook) are available

The description is mandatory, and order processing will be delayed in case of omission.

Book orders cannot be returned, so please be careful when ordering.

If payment is not made within 72 hours (3 days) after order approval, the order will be deleted.